A well-maintained gas furnace can provide consistent heating for up to 30 years. If you’d like a similar degree of efficiency, make sure you find the right replacement model. But unexpected costs can dissuade homeowners from installing a furnace that could save them more money in the long run. To keep this from happening, it’s beneficial to learn everything you can about gas furnace replacement costs.

The right service company can help. Air Current AC & Heat technicians are the best in the business at evaluating your home and current HVAC system. We’ll help save you money by recommending high-efficiency models that can heat your home more quickly and evenly. And once you’ve decided, our furnace installation in Houston ensures a smooth transition.

The average cost of a gas furnace is around $4,000. Entry models can usually offer the lowest installation costs, while high-end heating systems provide high energy efficiency. But there are other factors that affect gas furnace replacement costs. Continue below to learn what they are.

How to Find the Right Gas Furnace

Thankfully, determining total costs for a new natural gas furnace is fairly simple. The type of furnace makes up the bulk of installation costs and includes its fuel source as well as key features. You’ll also want to compare labor costs, so make sure you hire a service company you can trust! If ductwork or gas lines need to be replaced, you can expect to pay a little more in parts and labor.

Compare Blower Motor Speeds

The blower motor is a crucial component, responsible for distributing the heat into your home’s ductwork. Two-stage or variable-speed motors can provide more precise temperature control. While they cost more than single-stage models, they can make up those costs via greater energy efficiency.

AFUE Fuel Efficiency Rating

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating helps consumers lower their energy bills by identifying the most efficient furnaces. For example, a rating of 90% means that 90% of the furnace’s fuel is efficiently converted into heat.

The ideal AFUE rating will depend on your home’s climate zone. Our technicians can direct you to brands and models that deliver high energy efficiency.

Avoid Models Too Big or Too Small for Your Home

Experienced technicians will recommend gas furnaces with an appropriate BTU heating output. They’ll use potential models’ AFUE rating as well as the square footage of your home to determine a size perfect for your HVAC system.

Four Ways to Reduce Long-Term Costs

When you install a new furnace, you have the chance to maximize efficiency throughout its entire life span. We’d like to share a few tips for getting the most from your new gas furnace.

    1. Regularly Clean or Replace the Filter: A furnace’s air filter should be cleaned or replaced according to the manufacturer. This keeps dirt and grime from affecting delicate components and improves the furnace’s overall health.
    2. Keep the Furnace and Ductwork Clear: The space around the furnace itself as well as nearby duct openings should be kept clear. Periodic cleaning will help stop foreign objects and debris from getting inside your HVAC system.
    3. Invest in a Smart Thermostat: One of the best ways to care for your furnace is through optimizing its heating schedule. A smart thermostat learns from your comfort preferences and ensures balanced comfort, even when you’re away from home.
    4. Routine Maintenance: Regular maintenance services from a professional technician can keep parts like the heat exchanger from breaking or malfunctioning. Air Current AC & Heat ensures every piece of your furnace is running at peak productivity.

Choose Air Current AC & Heat Technicians for Installation

Gas furnace replacement costs range from $2,000 to more than $6,000. To determine the right balance between price and efficiency, you need expert technicians with years of installation experience. Air Current AC & Heat can provide hassle-free furnace installation for a system that satisfies your unique comfort requirements.

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