Established in 2004 by Stan Villavaso, Air-Current AC & Heat has been a trusted name in Houston’s HVAC industry for nearly two decades. These days Stan and James Gilbertson lead the way, boasting a team of comfort specialists with a combined 30 years of experience.

At Air-Current, we specialize in a wide range of HVAC services including remodels, retrofits and new construction for both residential and light commercial properties. What’s more, our commitment to excellence extends far beyond our services. We’ll ensure that all installations adhere to the highest standards of quality compliance, along with the Uniform Mechanical Code and International Mechanical Code.

Living in Texas, it is crucial to have your heating and air conditioning systems checked regularly for optimal efficiency, safety and performance. Everyone at Air-Current AC & Heat takes pride in offering some of the finest HVAC services in the greater Houston area. For example, our comprehensive inspections cover all components of your cooling and heating system, including key components like the coils, refrigerant levels, compressors, motors and more.

And before conducting any repairs, we’ll provide a detailed review of our diagnosis, helping you to make informed decisions about your system and personal sense of comfort.

By choosing Air-Current and our team, you are investing in the effectiveness and longevity of your equipment without a jump in energy costs. Whether you need a quick fix or something a little more in-depth, you can rely on us for service that’s equal parts prompt and proficient. Our philosophy is centered around putting the customer first by only recommending products and services that are right for you in every sense.

Trust Air-Current for Effective, Innovative Comfort Solutions

Our success is consistent because our mission is simple: to provide you with the best possible service that meets your air conditioning and heating needs. Through superior quality, innovative products and impeccable craftsmanship, our customers receive premium service at an affordable price. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities, so get the service you deserve by giving us a call today. You can reach us at 713-322-4318 to schedule an appointment, request a free estimate or just to learn more about what we can offer!

Contact us today at 713-322-4318 for a FREE estimate on replacements. Let Air-Current AC & Heat be your trusted partner in creating a comfortable and efficient indoor environment for your home or business.

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